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Super Pristine

Wooden Stylish Handle Axe

Wooden Stylish Handle Axe

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Whether you're camping, chopping firewood, or just looking for something to add to your toolbox, Super Pristines Axe is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a reliable axe. Our lightweight design makes it easy to transport and its high-quality wooden handle ensures optimum grip strength - so you can focus on the task at hand. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with Super Pristines Axe - the ultimate wood-cutting companion!

Super Pristines wooden axe are totally handmade and customizable. If you want any customization for your loved ones, do let us know and it will be done. Customization includes changing color or handle material used.

Following are the details of this beautiful Axe:


Blade Material: J2 high carbon steel

Handle Material: Chorded handle

Blade Length: 5.0"INCHE

Handle Length:15"INCHE

Overall Length: 20"INCHE

Blade Type: Spear Point

Package Includes:

  • Hand Forged Damascus Knife

Leather Sheath Is Included. 

Warning: -

The blades are sharp and may cause injury if not taken care of appropriately.

We recommend keeping them out of reach for children under 12



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